It Really Did Happen in 1980. By ©Guido Colacci 2017

So you think Russia hacked our elections and clinched the Presidency for Trump? The CIA, FBI, Congress, the Main Stream Media and even Hillary and Barak are all telling you this is the case. Well, truth is, that isn’t what happened in 2016. BUT it DID happen for real before, a foreign power hostile to our country DID make certain that a candidate who was running in a close race for President against the incumbent President and who wasn’t supposed to win , according to the polls, made a deal with the Devil of that time and who in return for their cooperation in getting him elected would go on to make MANY more deals with them, throughout his presidency.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about the 1980 election and how Carter was swindled and robbed of a second term and Reagan was ensured the presidency, and the rest as they say, is history . sadly its a history that would have been so much better had Reagan not stolen the presidency with the help of Iran and the deal with the devil that that brings us to the situation that is the Middle East today.

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