NEVER FORGET The Church Committee Findings of 40 Years Ago. By © Guido Colacci​ 2017

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40 years ago we cared about the covert intrusion of the government and its agencies in our lives and in the lives of those globally. Today, it is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER too remember the findings of fact by the Church Committee and how instead of fighting this over reach into our lives, we actually are giving away our rights in the name of some “alleged security” against those that would do us harm. Ironically, the people that would do us the most and everlasting harm are the very people that are protecting us. Let us NEVER FORGET the findings of The Church Committee concerning the actions of the CIA, FBI, the Military Industrial Complex (still in its formative years) and the U.S. Department of State and Military. 40 years ago, was only a brief glimpse into what was going on covertly that we knew NOTHING about. Today that has multiplied a hundred fold given our technology and the dumbing down and passivity of the overall general American public. Also today, the media is not “your father’s media” of 40+ years ago… the media as a PR arm of the government is as or more important and necessary than if it was a Cabinet position. 99% of the media has been unified into 5–6 corporate entities all controlled by interests that go against the general good and safety of the public. And the reason I say it is more important than ever is because of the rate and speed that news gets reported. They (the media) have to be on top of things and first in reporting and disseminating the “official story” the government needs the people to believe and also to disseminate disinformation to those that are on the fence about believing the government, in what was once called “radical press” to today’s “alternate media.” Again, the point is to NEVER FORGET what we learned about the CIA and FBI and the Military Industrial Complex and the shadow government of our own country. For anyone to think “our country would never do that” has only to look at the facts uncovered 40 years ago and then flat ahead to today and see just what they are capable of. In conclusion, it is important to NOT BELIEVE ANY government story, any MSM story that parrots the Government story or any6 “alt Media” that goes off the grid in its logic and probability to “falsely combat” the official story. In other words, you should be scared, you should be VERY scared, especially of your own government. Honestly, there is no country, religion, terror group that can harm us or that wants to harm us other than our own government. © Guido Colacci​ 2017

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